Just about everyone is online and with some social media platform. If you are in any type of professional field, dating, or acting, then you need a headshot. When was the last time you had yours updated? And with child actors, their images need updating a lot.

Everyone hates having their picture taken, right? I get it, so what I do is make everyone relax, laugh and most of all have fun while coaching them into poses and expressions that will make you not only look great, but you'll feel good about yourself too.

To make this type of photography easy, simple and to the point, in terms of what you get and the prices. For these, I mainly shoot in a studio. However if the weather is gorgeous, with some of the larger packages, I might suggest we do some outside near the building. And yes.....even in the dead of winter, you can photograph outside with gorgeous results!

Everyone I photograph will feel great and be represented not just for your employer, or your business, but for yourself. You are all who matters, no one else!

Open the Headshots Magazine that I created, inside will be tips, information and my headshot prices. To make it bigger, click on the small square on the right side of it next to the print icon, to make it larger.  

Contact me with as much information as possible, this includes a phone number that is best to reach you. All sessions require a non-refundable retainer at the time of scheduling. You can pay your  retainer online, or send me a check, then I will contact you to schedule your session and go over all of the details.