Creating a Studio Session Anywhere

After a long day of photographing an event for Francine Parham and Dolores, her business partner, Dolores had a client that needed a headshot. And of course it was raining outside. We had literally less than 10 minutes, so I set up one light in the super narrow hallway of the building that we were in. Using my Canon Mark 5D III and the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L non IS lens, I wirelessly triggered a flash with a Photek Softlighter on a stand. 

Alan is much taller than me, well everyone is LOL. My first step was to get him a little lower so that I could photograph him better and also make him more comfortable with me, since we just met.

I let the lighting behind him play out to add some depth while he leaned against the wall. Alan was a total pro! We got quite a few good images and this was the one that he chose. His smile was genuine, great, and was a very happy man. 

Working in any space is a challenge but that makes it more fun. Thanks Alan and Dolores for this session!

 Headshots Allen