Working With The Wind On A Chilly Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday was crazy for me, but in a good way!

First I sang with my choir during Sunday Mass, photographed Mary Beth's AMAZING business portrait headshot, ate something and then my daughter and I went off to our horseback riding lesson. She's a beginner, and I'm back into training after 25+ years of not riding(I used to be a show jumper). 


Sunday was just gorgeous! She wanted to be outdoors and the weather was perfect. Except that it was breezy and chilly, especially at our location, it overlooks Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River. But we made it work. The cell phone image below was my setup prior to her arrival, and we ended up moving because of the wind and the change in light.


Mary Beth rocked her session with me, I took my time, made sure that she was relaxed and having a good time. As you can see below, the wind was a challenge and at one point, I had her close her eyes and we were giggling. 

But as you can see, she did an amazing job, it was chilly, my hands were cold, and she was too. So I was very quick and the ones that she pick below are the her finals.

Thanks again for your patience and helping me during the session Mary Beth! 

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